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Hello to the beautiful night,


It's July 13, 2022. The moon is full and closer to Earth tonight. I just finished recording a couple of DJ mixes to share and finally add to my website. I always feel incredibly nervous before sharing my sets/mixes, as it’s challenging to let go of being a critical listener. I play my mixes back to myself to make sure no tech issues made their way in. In that process I overanalyze my recordings, forgetting that it’s meant to be a capsule of energy captured in the moment, down to the second, which is where the value is found. The same certainly goes for my own music that I produce. This year I’m embarking on a whole new voyage which has granted me time to invest in the bigger vision I have for myself as a musician. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better season to shed old skin in. The energy of summer always fills me with confidence and openness to adventure. I find I express myself best through written word, so my goal is to connect through monthly diaries. I want to be sure to not overextend myself, but I think monthly entries will be a good start to finding my rhythm on this new path. I found an opportunity to live creatively full time and grabbed it. All the years of DJing have led me here, as I am able to support myself through music while I record my first album. This is one of a few visions that I quietly work on. I wanted to keep this entry short and sweet - as much work has to be done. There is much chaos in the world right now, unspeakable truths. I hope the space I create feels warm, yet exciting. Thank you, readers, see you in August!

Another letter to another beautiful night,


Tonight is a new moon, an empty night sky above. 12/12/23. I haven’t kept my word and indeed overextended myself. I had every intention to sit once a month and connect with myself and you, readers. Since I last wrote, I was able to find more work - venues to have DJ residencies at. I fear I focused too much on getting more work, and production of my music had to be put on the side. Life is all about balance and I believe I’ve created it and welcome 2024 with a whole new perspective on my work habits. Although I haven’t released any of my own music, just DJ mixes, I have been working on a live set to be performed in the new year. A couple of covers, instrumentals, and completed songs. My goal is to give life to my music through the performances and find a recording studio to get my first EP out. Also, I just want to improve vocally and add some dynamism to my songwriting. 2022 and 2023 have been absolutely good to me, not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings. I just hope to share opportunities that come my way with my community and do the best I can to support those in need around me. The world is still in shambles, as humans, we are doing our best to create beauty and unity where we can. I know I am. Under this moonless sky, I call upon the courage of self, shooting my arrow straight up with faith in my vision, and path. 2023
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